Loft and Underfloor Insulation

Loft Insulation

The benefits of loft insulation

You can always tell who hasn’t insulated their loft space because of the pigeons and seagulls sitting on their roof, enjoying all the warmth coming up from the house below. Heat rises, and those wily birds are quick to take advantage.

Why is loft insulation needed?

Installing loft insulation is as simple as unrolling a rug. A mineral fibre material is laid between the joists and then over the joists in your loft or roof. This thick material captures heat normally lost through the roof and stops draughts getting in.

If you already have loft insulation, you could still benefit from a top-up. If your insulation is 100mm or less, you can increase it to the recommended level of 270mm.

Loft insulation is suitable for your home if:

  • It hasn’t been installed already
  • You have access to your loft space
  • Your current insulation has a thickness of 100mm or less – you can easily check this with a ruler or tape measure
  • You haven’t had insulation removed in the last 6 month

Underfloor Insulation

When insulating from below, the mineral fibre is rolled out and secured with netting that is stapled between the floor joists. We will need an access hatch to your cellar or basement. If you do not have one, our fitters are able to make it for you in a hidden place usually under the stairs.

Is my property suitable?

If you have a basement or cellar beneath your house then you definitely have a suspended floor that is suitable for UFI. If your property is on a slope then it will also likely qualify.

Older homes are most likely to have suspended timber ground floors. Suspended floors are where the floorboards rest over the joists. These floors lose more heat as they are suspended over a void of cold air.

If you have air bricks or ventilation bricks on the outside walls this may be another sign that you have a suspended floor suitable for UFI.

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