LA Flex

Government-backed boiler grants scheme

What is LA Flex?

LA Flex is short for Local Authority Energy Company Obligation Flexibility and is an extension of the government’s Energy Company Obligation (ECO) scheme that helps UK Households reduce their carbon footprint and improve their energy efficiency. The scheme is specifically designed to help those on low income who may not be in receipt of benefits and gives them access to funding that covers a free boiler and insulation measures, which are all designed to help reduce bills and improve their homes energy efficiency – at no cost to the householder.


Who is Eligible for the scheme?

Although criteria can vary from council to council, the scheme is aimed at 2 groups of people who are on low incomes:

1. Those in Fuel Poverty – This is classed as those households spending at least 10% of their net income on heating their home
2. Those who are vulnerable to cold:-
People with cardiovascular conditions
People with respiratory conditions
People with disabilities
People with mental health conditions or learning difficulties that reduces individual’s ability to self-care (including dementia)
Older people (age 65+)
Households with young children (0-5)
Pregnant Women


Why is it free?

The scheme is part of the Energy Company Obligation (ECO) which was passed in Parliament in 2012 and runs until 2022. Funded by the UK’s largest utility companies, the scheme is part of the Home Heating Carbon Reduction Obligation (HHRCO) and contributes to the UK’s carbon reduction targets and keeps it free for qualifying households. The Local Authority ECO Flex element of the scheme aims to provide low income families (either homeowners or private renters) with a free boiler and free insulation, with the overarching aim to reduce fuel poverty amongst low-income households. This is done by ensuring that heat is generated as efficiently as possible and is prevented from escaping from the home.

Check if you are eligible here


Where does Mersey Eco Grants operate for LA Flex?

Although we cover the entire North West and most of West Yorkshire, we are currently only able to deliver LA Flex for the following councils – please see their statement of intents below: –

If you live in another Local Authority, please do fill in our form as we are working with more and more councils all the time so may be able to help you take advantage of this fantastic scheme.


What are the next steps

At Mersey Eco Grants we make it as easy as possible for customers to access the funding. Here are the simple steps you need to take and we do the rest.

  • Fill in our super quick form
  • We will call or email you to arrange for a free property survey as part of your application
  • One of our survey team carries out the survey and will ask you to complete the relevant Local Authority Flex forms that we will provide*
  • We then apply to both your Local Authority and Energy Company with your completed and signed form
  • Once approved we then book in your free insulation and free boiler
  • You enjoy less energy bills and a warmer home – all for free!!

All this can happen within 3-4 weeks of filling in our enquiry form

* Please note that as each Local Authority has to sign off your application , we have to provide evidence of your income and councils generally want to see your latest 3 bank statements. This will all be discussed with you as part of your application.

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