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About Us

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Mersey Eco Grants has over 20 years’ experience in the energy services sector and is passionate about the UK government’s target to reach net zero carbon neutrality by 2050, “We have a moral duty to leave the world in a better condition than which we found it”. We have already provided eco measures and energy saving solutions to thousands of homes across the North West, with many of these homes receiving free or subsidised services.

We are committed to a carbon neutral future and believe that to make every home an ‘eco-home’ is a wonderful ambition.

Our Vision

We see the future as clean and green, with innovative homes that generate and supply their own energy needs and feed what’s left over back into the grid for all to share.

We envision a future where every home in the UK is fully insulated and fitted with energy efficient heating sources, so that heat loss is minimised and warmth retained, meaning that heating your home won’t cost the Earth.

Our Values

As a modern, forward looking company there are some traditional values we like to encapsulate.

Integrity: in our mission, in the quality and sustainability of the materials we use and the high standards and craftsmanship provided by our employees.

Innovation: We are honoured to be part of a growing community of businesses who are revolutionising the way we interact with our environment and are helping to cut green house emissions on a daily basis.

Community: Through community projects and supporting charitable organisations, especially those working with environmental conservation, education and renewable technologies. Through our desire to leave a positive lasting legacy for future generations.

Our Commitment

We are committed to seeing an end to fuel poverty. We earnestly support all homes being made warm, cosy and energy efficient with affordable warmth for all.

Together as a team, we have made a commitment that every home we access will be left energy-efficient, and with remedial works carried out. No home will get left behind. 

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Mersey Eco Grants
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Cotton Court, Church Street

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